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Alkhalq Aljadeed

“Were we then weary with the first Creation, that they should be in confused about a new Creation?”


In a remote village in the Riyadh region during the mid-seventies, residents are alarmed as some of the dead suddenly emerge from their graves. Hamdan, the police station head, was an outsider before he killed bandits and established the security center. With caution, he explores the predicament of "the new creation," and the connection between the resurrection of the dead and the mysterious character of Anbar, who was also an outsider before coming to this village. Meanwhile, Hamdan tries to conceal the matter from his managers in the Riyadh region to protect the privacy of the village from outside interference. Salem, Hamdan’s assistant, takes the issue more seriously, especially after his father’s resurrection. In defiance of Hamdan’s instructions, he tries to solve the riddle of rebirth and eternity by any means. Hessa, Hamdan's wife, suddenly recovers from her chronic illness ... The events, personal conflicts, and revelations in the plot escalate ending in mass deaths in line with the influx of crowds seeking to resurrect their dead and immortalize them in the village. Ultimately, the capital intervenes in managing the scene.

GENRE: Drama/Horror/Mystery
DIRECTOR: Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan
STORY: South Riyadh

PROJECT STATUS: Treatment (based on a novel)
LENGTH: 120 min
FORMAT: Digital, Color

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